Triumph Gallery
3/8 Ilyinka Street, Building 5
109012 Moskow


Triumph Gallery is presenting a series of exhibitions under the name of EXTENSION, which will show the current art scene of different countries. In 2016 the art gallery will host group exhibitions of artists from Romania, Azerbaijan, South Korea and Iran.

The EXTENSION project addresses artists whose work possesses distinctive local elements but at the same time is embedded in the general context of contemporary art. Each EXTENSION exhibition will acquaint spectators with well-known names, who can be encountered at international biennale and in leading global museums, and also young art and new trends. Awareness of one's own identity and the globalisation of culture will become the main topics of each project: the spectator will be confronted simultaneously by dedication to traditional techniques and searches for a new visual language.

Each exhibition of the EXTENSION project will be accompanied by an educational programme with lectures by invited curators, public tours and the publication of a catalogue.


18.02.2016 - 13.03.2016